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Secret Agent Blaire


copyright Carly Carpenter Photography 2015

copyright Carly Carpenter Photography 2015

Grace Ramsey

I am an art student-turned aerialist and acrobat based in Denver, Colorado. I perform in the silks, hoop, hammock, freestanding hoop and I’m studying contortion. I have five years professional experience including major music festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, as well as contracts with cruise lines and national tours. I use Secret Agent Blaire as an outlet for my creative leanings, focusing for the time being on photography projects with multiple photographers. I hope to continue to collaborate with amazing artists, photgraphers, MUAs, hair stylists, costume designers and more as time goes on.

copyright Secret Agent Blaire

copyright Secret Agent Blaire 2015

Sean Sidelko

I have always liked to take photos of pretty much anything. When we decided to start up Secret Agent Blaire, I invested in a proper camera and have since been taking most of the photos of Grace as well as other performers around the Denver, Colorado area. I also work as a rigger, chauffeur and all-around cat wrangler.I have a background in performing as a fire spinner and have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to shoot working with Grace as well as the troupe we regularly work with, Aerial Dream Works.